Friday, August 1, 2014

Tootles July and what I'm reading this week is July over?  Another month in the books...

Happy August y'all.

While I ponder the lightning speed passage of time, let's get to...

10 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Simon  (Not LeBon or Cowell...the old school game)

5 Myths About Corn You Should Stop Believing  (I love corn.  Corny corn corn.)

Exposed by My Children for What I Really Look Like  (Read it)

Best and Worst Nuts for Your Health  (Sorry but you couldn't pry macadamia nuts from my rigor mortised hands)

What This Amazing Dog Has Done Every Night For 3 Years Will Break Your Heart  (Tissue alert.  I love dogs)

Weight-Loss Supplement Linked to Liver Failure Case  (Just a heads up)

Yes Way! 17 Amazing Hacks Google Can Do   (I don't know I'd say amazing but cool)

Walmart's Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Melt  (Yike)

11 Kitchen Storage Tricks to Steal from the Bathroom  (Interesting)

5 Things You Can Do Now to Avoid Alzheimer's Disease  (Get on it whether you have it in your family or not)

Remove Egg Shells From a Mixing Bowl by Wetting Your Fingers First  (Must remember to do this this morning)

Why Don’t British Singers Have British Accents When They Sing?  (Always wondered about this!)

TRX Workout: 5 Simple Moves to Challenge Your Whole Body  (We LOVE our TRX knock offs!)

15 Things You May Not Have Known About Scream  (One of our favorite movies!  So glad we got to visit the high school filming site)

19 Celebrity Kitchens Better Than a Live-In Chef   (Though I'll take a live in chef as well)

This Little Girl Completely Loses It When She Finds Out Her Baby Brother Can’t Stay Tiny Forever  (OMG, tissues.  Tissues.  And I think maybe some tissues.  56 seconds of almost made my womb unclench.  Almost.  Not really...but still)

I don't know that we have anything planned for Saturday but Sunday is a family reunion.  This should be interesting.  It's at some dude's house that I don't even know or couldn't point out in a lineup.  (Assuming he committed a crime in which he would be in a line up.)  I think I'm making chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.  I've got everything on hand in one form or another and I just don't feel like buying extra to make something.  I know, lazy.  I can slap 'em in a tin, cover 'em up and leave them there when we sneak out.

I wish reunions were like they were when I was a kid, up through my teen years.  We had them at a great private housing addition on a lake where my aunt and uncle live and all of the old people were fun loving and played games.  Now most of them are gone, some don't come anymore claiming they're too busy for 2 hours out of the year and everyone just kind of sticks to their small family cliques.  I think this is where the term "put in an appearance" applies...assuming we don't get lost in the back hills of the area and end up head cheese.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Caddy change and snoring corpse

The Mr never knows what he's walking in on these days.

Ever since the remodel started, I've been painting everything in sight.  I still need to get that damn table moved out to the garage but I saw the remote caddy we bought in Hawaii just wasn't going to cut it anymore.  I mean a pineapple covered caddy can only stay relevant for so long.  It's a fabric one with a wooden base and since I'd just read you can paint fabric with chalk paint, I figured I would give it a go.

When he came home, he walked past it several times and just figured "good Lord, what is she painting now?"  He seemed to be okay with it but was kind of making fun of me.  Hey, I'm saving us money, just go along for the ride, sir.

Later it was time for my second form of torture for him in the form of yoga.  We have decided Wednesday is yoga day and I wanted to do a different one so I found this Hatha yoga session on  There were a few poses that we laughed at because they were physically impossible for us.  We went as far as we could with the poses and still got a good stretch in.  That and of course the Mr's motto...

(Click here to browse products from this line)

That man will start snoring 45 seconds in while we lay in corpse pose at the end.  My hips are killing me today but the Mr always feels yoga immediately.  He says he always feels worse after yoga than he does before it.  Well, he has NO flexibility which we need to work on that and we need to keep me limber.  It must be a regular thing for us instead of waiting for when we're both muscularly bunged up.

I hope to finish up the remote caddy today and I'll bring you some DIY projects soon after I get my zillion pics edited!  :-)

Do you do yoga?  Who are your favorite instructors?

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer walk, TJ's walking a thin line and movie night

Last night we were compelled to walk for our workout.  73 degrees in July with little humidity?  Yes please.  

You've gotta snap that stuff up at every opportunity!

We got in 2.65 miles and strolled by waterfalls...

...and a duck feeding frenzy.

Dinner was BBQ chicken naan pizza and corn on the cob.

I will longingly stare at this picture as it appears Trader Joe's has stopped carrying our absolute favorite lacey marble swiss.  Curse you, Trader Joe.  Your discontinuing of everything we love is going to make us abandon you if you're not careful.

Then it was movie night.

We rented Transcendence with Johnny Depp despite bad reviews and The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann.  We went with Johnny first and while I don't think it was as bad as we both read, it was just kind of...mmm...draggy?  The concept was good, the ending could've been better.

The Other Woman started out being seriously irritating but it thankfully got funny.  I like the nod to the infamous Jeff Daniels scene from Dumb and Dumber.  It was also nice to see Don Johnson again. It was not nice to see whatever trollop played Diaz' secretary.  She was seriously annoying but thankfully not in the movie too much.   It's one of those ones I'd say if the trailer looked good to you, rent it.  If it didn't, it probably wouldn't necessarily win you over.  I know, glowing review.  HA!

What have you rented lately?

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ice cream social


The other night my mom asked if the Mr and I wanted to get some ice cream with my grandma and grandpa.  I said yes and we re-arranged our calories so it wouldn't throw a wrench into things.  They have three flavors of light ice cream there so we said we would get a scoop of one of those.

While the Mr, my mom and grandpa went up to order, I stayed at the table with grandma.  She was having a good day.  She asked me what I've been up to lately and you have to know that for a dementia patient to ask that, is something that is exceedingly rare.  There are days she can barely string together a sentence that makes sense to us.  We know she knows what she means but there is a disconnect from what she thinks she's saying to what comes out of her mouth.  Ninety percent of the time, she won't really speak unless spoken to so for her to ask me what I'd been up to is like the best thing ever.  You cling to it.  You know it could be the last time she ever has the capacity to have that thought to interact in a way that most of us take for granted.  I told her what I've been doing and thought I'd give it a shot and ask the same of her.  This is where it gets tricky because sometimes she says "I don't know" or will just smile because she doesn't know what to say.  But she said "oh, about the same.  You know."  It was so wonderful to hear that little snippet of the old her even if I knew that she wasn't redoing furniture like me, it was just the fact that it was more than a blank stare, look of confusion or "I don't know."

She showed me her Mary Jane shoes and she called them 'shoo-ees' and I think she was trying to say "shoe-bees" which is what she always called them all my life.  I call them that too about 60% of the time, I'll tell the Mr to 'get his shoe-bees on' and start laughing at how natural yet funny it sounds.  It's somehow comforting that a phrase that started when I was a kid comes so natural to me.  When I'm 80 and the Mr is 82, before our nightly walk, I will tell him to get his shoe-bees on.

When they came back, she dove into her scoop of ice cream.  I think the meds she's on gives her quite an appetite for sweets because she knows no restraint around ice cream and it's the cutest thing ever.  My grandpa was a little more than halfway done with his when she finished and she kind of started looking around like "where'd my ice cream go?"  Grandpa handed her his cup and asked if she wanted some and she dug into that bad boy and I laughed, looked at him and said "well, you're done!"  She did something similar at my cousin's birthday dinner when they brought out his free sundae.  He took a bite then passed it around for everyone to take a bite to pass it back and when it got to her, she started scarfing it down and we all busted out laughing and I said "yeah, you're not getting that back!"  It is seriously so cute.

By the time we were winding down, she was getting cold and bundled up in her jacket.  She pulled the collar of her jacket closed and shivered a bit and I said it was probably time to get her home.  She hugged us goodbye and it was thankfully a normal one, not one where she appears timid or almost scared because she doesn't know us.

I cherish those good days.  I am glad that we moved things around so that we could enjoy the ice cream social with them instead of being so stringent that we missed that bonding moment with her.  It's fine to pass up treats sometimes but other times you need to remember that moments like those are fleeting and plan ahead so you can stay true to your goals as well as enjoy the people in your life while they're here.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday, you saucy wench...

...we meet again.

Twas quite a weekend.  I wanted to go to an artist market out of town  so the Mr happily obliged and we were off early Saturday.  While we ended up walking away with nothing more than some peaches and a candy onion, I did see some cool stuff.  I fell in love with this shabby chic (and sold) piece.

Dreamy as it is, to me, it would be completely impractical unless it was in a reading nook or maybe a less used formal living room.  But as you'll see, I'm drawn to this look.

We were looking for a lighting solution in a dark corner and I bought what I hope are two wall sconces that will do the trick.  I was originally looking for swag lighting and I almost wish I saw this first...

I could've taken off the crystals and spray painted the metal portion and chain a hammered silver metal to update it for that spot.  I probably would have had it rewired for my own peace of mind.  It was $65 and I kind of wish I'd bought it.  The Mr breathes a sigh of relief.

We hit up an old toy store and I got to smile a bit over toys of my youth.

It was a long day but overall, a good one.  I did purchase a fun piece that showed up twice that day and feel like I got a heck of a deal so I'm a happy girl.  It needs a little work but not too much before I can get her all polished and ready to hang.

Yesterday the Mr and I decided to walk at the park and despite the fact it looked like rain, we thought it would allow us to keep a good pace.  Well, halfway through, the heavens opened and lightning flashed on occasion.  With only one umbrella between us, we decided to head to the nature center and ride it out as long as possible.

We watched the birds, we watched a twitchy chipmunk peek from a tree stump to alert the nearby wildlife of impending meteorological doom and a squirrel enjoying a sheltered stuffing of the cheeks with bird feed for a full 20 minutes.  We weren't sure if he was going to grow into obesity before our eyes or explode but we were distracted by a hummingbird.  After riding out a good 40 minutes in the center, we felt like maybe we stayed later than they were open and they didn't want to kick us out into the weather.  Since we were 1/2 mile from our car at minimum, we decided once the lightning stopped, we would just make a break for it.  It was still raining quite a bit but we made the trek.  The once lightly damp trails were now riddled with what could only be described as more than puddles, less than creeks running the lengths of them.  Some were pretty deep and I don't know how my socks didn't get soaked.  We took turns holding the umbrella until our hands would cramp up and switch off.  Halfway through, the sun began shining as the rain fell.  The leaves sparkled all around us from the water catching the rays.  It made me wish I'd remembered a camera.  When we emerged from the trail, the rain had become a sprinkle and we put the umbrella away.  We each had a wet shoulder depending on what side was exposed, my hair was wet at the ends and my jeans were soaked mid-shin.  I wouldn't change a thing.

When we got home, it was time to kick up my feet on the new couch.

Yes, I'm wearing reindeer pajamas in July.

Stop judging me.

What did you do this weekend?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Changes and what I'm reading this week

It's Aloha Friday y'all!  

Guess how I've been blogging lately?

You'll get a sneak peek of the new furniture Monday but this way of life won't be missed!

Lets get on to...

5 Simple Moves to Eliminate Low Back Pain for Good  (Yes, please)

6 Things You May Not Have Known About Duran Duran’s ‘Rio’ Album  (I was a Nick and Simon girl.  Who was your fave?_

Coming Soon: A Fitness Tracker That Zaps You When You Slack Off  (I couldn't stop laughing.)

6 things you must know about going solar  (I wish we had the capability where we are but would love to do it at our next place)

10 Tips for a More Peaceful Home  (Zenning out sounds good to me)

Exercise may slow physical and mental decline after menopause  (Just more reasons to keep up the habit when my time comes!)

21 Things You Might Not Know About “Jurassic Park”  (For the Mr)

Fall Back Asleep in 10 Minutes or Less  (Nothing worse than waking up and not being able to go back to sleep)

Exclusive: How Dwayne Johnson Battled Through an Epic Injury on the Set of ‘Hercules’  (Watch the video.  I can't believe he went through all of this!)

Plus-Size Model Wins Praise for Posting Unretouched Bikini Photo  (The fact they consider this woman "plus sized" is just disgusting)

How to Create an Inventory, Whether You're Naturally Organized or Not  (Read it.  DO IT)

San Francisco Postcards Matched With Their Location  (Very cool!)

How to Stop Overthinking Everything and Find Peace of Mind  (If only our brains came with an off switch!)

Why Taking a Day Off Will Help You Lose Weight   (Ya don't say?)

Radio star Casey Kasem's remains flown to Canada  (So vile and disrespectful.  His legacy will be marred by his wife's actions)

Homeless People Touchingly Share Their Stories Via Cardboard Signs  (Watch it.  Tissues should be handy)

Nutritionists Reveal the Biggest Weight-Loss Mistakes  (Great, what am I doing wrong NOW?)

I Spent a Week with the Republic Wireless WiFi Phone Network   (For the Mr)

We're going on a little road trip tomorrow so super early rise.  Hey, gotta get 'em in before the snow starts flyin' and if you haven't noticed, August is next week so yeah, blink and you'll be building snowmen.  (Yay!)

We are super excited about our new furniture!  It has been far too long of a wait and they were the whole reason we even did this remodel.  Instigators.

Anything fun on the weekend agenda?

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Do what makes you happy

I have a distant aunt and uncle that are some of my favorite people on Earth.  When I was young, they were a big influence on me even though they likely didn't know it.  They were fun people, my aunt was always ready with a big hug, a hearty laugh and you always got a sense when she asked you how you were doing, it wasn't a nicety...she really wanted to know.  She could be goofy or serious as a heart attack given the topic and always looked you in the eyes and touched your arm to let you know she was listening.  It's love at first meet with her as the Mr can attest.  The first time she met him there was no handshake, she went in for a great big hug, schmoozed with him and told us what a great couple we were.

My uncle was a charmer, sometimes to his detriment but he could sell water to a drowning man and not in a used car salesman kind of way.  He was just good with words, always up for a joke, passionate about his hobbies and always seemed perpetually 10-15 years younger than he was.  He always made me feel special by treating me like an adult and not like a kid.  He could relate to kids by not talking down to them because he enjoyed being around young people.  Unfortunately the Mr and I aren't quite as hip and find ourselves with nothing in common to talk about with children.  The dreaded "how's school/what grade are you going to be in?" spilling out of my pie hole as I desperately try to stuff that phrase back in because I know how lame that sounded when *I* was their age.

As awesome as those characteristics are in both of them, they also have always marched to the beat of their own drummer.  They will show up to once a year gatherings but they're always late.  There have been other family gatherings and sometimes they'll show up, sometimes they won't.  It drove the rest of my family up the wall not knowing if they could count on them being there or not.  Honestly, I think it just depended if they got up that day and felt like coming.  While it might be rude to some, I thought it was awesome.  They were people living by their own rules and to hell if other people liked the way they lived their lives.  It was no skin off their butts and when they die, no one will ever say in their eulogies that they didn't live life their own way.  While I never fully adopted their way of thinking most of my life, I find as I get older that I'm leaning more toward it.

I've always fallen in a safer category of going to obligatory family things but doing our own thing for most of my life.  We've dealt with in-law situations with the Mr's family where we tried to please people, show up when it was expected and a few times when it wasn't, do nice things, etc and it was never good enough.  We still got talked about, we still got criticized and it was very "what have you done for me lately?"  (Miss Jackson if you're nasty.)   We decided that since we were going to get slammed either way, we were now going to dictate how our time was spent with them and if that meant other people had their undies in a twist...oh well.  We now have a relationship with boundaries where everyone knows their roles...we give from the heart with the intent of spending quality time when we're able to give it and they gripe that we never do enough.  Got it.  As long as everyone is comfortable with their role in that.  (We are.)

I always felt like my family wasn't quite that level of judgmental but as they age, I'm finding they are changing too.  It seems like people rarely contact us unless they want a favor to the point we get pits in our stomach when the phone rings.  The latest is they are trying to dictate who I could and couldn't invite to my birthday celebration in a few months.  I told the Mr this was going to happen.  I told him it is supposed to be MY gathering and they would make about THEM and I was right.  I knew it was coming to this at the last bigger birthday gathering we had and my gift to myself is a drama free birthday when it rolls around.  If anyone wants to place the blame on why I didn't get the birthday gathering they wanted, I'll just say "look in the mirror.  You all made my birthday about your lack of sucking it up for 2 hours.  Happy Birthday to me."  I can't really have the kind of birthday I really want to have anymore anyway because Grandma doesn't know me and my uncle stopped coming and it felt forced at the last one.  You wouldn't get an invite to a party, show up, not be thrilled with someone on a guest list (who is a wonderful person, by the way) and then go up to the birthday girl/guy and say "why did you invite THEM!?"  So what makes you think it's okay to try to control things before hand and insist not only do we not invite a very good friend of ours but that we'd better invite a distant aunt and uncle?  Oh you mean the attention seeking emotional vampire of an aunt that isn't happy unless she's complaining every second you see her?  The one that they have refused to invite to their birthday dinners for almost 15 years because they want to enjoy their birthday?  That one?  Double standard much?   I mean cripes, is this what happens when you get older?  Utter tyranny?

It really sucks because the people I would most like to celebrate with (you know, the ones who could suck it up if they gave a crap about the guest list, which they don't), all live in other states.  They are all positive, wonderful people I wouldn't dream of asking to make the drive just for a dinner out and maybe a game night back at the house or something.  But damn it would be nice to be around people whose only agenda is to have a low key good time and celebrate me.

I think because I was an outspoken perceived wild child in my youth that people just assume that's how I spend my time 20 years later. People who should know better.  Since I've gotten married what part of my life has resembled my teen years?  Nothing!  We travel.  We enjoy at home movie night and board games.  We go to farmers markets and antique shops (sorry Mr!).  I love cooking wonderful meals to make my man or anyone who gets an invite to our home, happy.  I love shootin' the breeze in small, intimate setting and hate crowds or a table with more than 6-8 people at it because I feel it's hard to give people proper attention.  It should not be expected that I suddenly want to start changing that to please other people's expectations when they don't have the same expectation for themselves and how they celebrate their own birthdays.  WTH?  It's not that I'm not grateful to have people who want to celebrate the day of my birth but dictating who I could and couldn't invite when I'm a grown ass woman isn't about what I want, it's about what other people want.  If they're that set on having a particular guest list of people they can't even stand, they can go to dinner somewhere, cut some cake and party on without me.  I'll be enjoying myself with people who actually are grateful I would want to spend what's supposed to be my "special day" with them.

I know some people who are people-pleasers to the nth degree and so worried about being a martyr or what others will think, that they will delay their own happiness when people don't even ask them to... much less when they do.  I know people who just say "screw you", are selfish, think only of themselves and not what they suck out of others with their actions.  I don't want to be either of those but I'm going to have to redefine some boundaries with my family and give what I'm able to give because my health is suffering otherwise and I'm not going to do that.

I had to remind myself of the motto on the pic at the top because you get one life and you should live it the way you see fit, not what others expect of you.  I find when I have expectations, they're rarely met.  So, I'm going to do what *I* want to do in a few months.  The Mr and I are moving some funds around and I'm rewarding myself for getting through this summer, this remodel, other people's crap and not smacking someone with a week's vacation.  We're hopping in the car, pointing to a spot on the map and getting the hell out of here.  So pfffft!

Do you sacrifice your own happiness to attempt to meet the expectation of others or do you do what you want to do (within reason obviously) figuring they're going to talk about you anyway, why not be happy?

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