Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Just park already!"


The Mr and I were under the impression we were on for fro-yo with the family last night.  It hadn't been set in stone but we knew about the time we settled in for the night is when they'd call and say "where are you guys?"  So we got there ten minutes early and waited for twenty minutes after the meet time.  In that time, we saw all kinds of people.

Most of them were speed demons flying through a parking lot and we couldn't believe people backing out weren't getting hit left and right.  There were people whose children exited their vehicles and got uncomfortably close to our car to the point the Mr was muttering "get the hell away from my car!"  Seriously.  Why are you letting your child practically LAY on someone's RUNNING car??  One such mom was dressed like a yoga prostitute.  She was wearing this hot orange lace bra that hung out from her barely there tank top and you could see through her Lululemon yoga pants that she was either going commando or had the world's thinnest thong on.


Finally, there was some woman in a crossover that pulled up to the open space next to us, looked at it and drove past.

Oh...*sniffing armpit* we o-ffend?

We watched this woman circle the parking lot for five minutes.  Literally.  Five full minutes.  Why?  Because apparently the second row we were in (four single car rows back but the second row you could drive down, if that makes sense) was not close enough.  Nope.  She had to be in the first row and in the time she took to be parked 40 feet from the spot she passed up beside us five minutes prior, she could've been in the restaurant and ordered drinks by then!  We couldn't really see her as she drove so we were curious what she looked like when she exited her vehicle and she was in excellent shape.  I'm talking runners calves, wearing comfy shoes, almost petite.

I know, she could've had a long day and wanted to be closer because her feet hurt or something but really, it seemed like a waste of time and gas circling as long as she did.   It was weird to see how lazy it was and I could understand when we were both tipped over the 450 lb mark looking to walk less but it was just crazy to see an obviously fit woman go bounding out of her car all pleased with herself for being first.  I mean I don't mind a closer spot if we happen upon one but I'll be damned if I'm going back to the days of circling the parking lot looking for a better space when we're perfectly capable of walking those extra few feet now.

Oh and for those wondering...we didn't go in and have fro-yo.  ;-)

What's your time limit for circling?  One pass then settling for what you can find? (Us)  Circle for as long as it takes to get the best spot?  Try to car shark someone back to their car as they're walking to it?  (Don't do that to us.  We will literally get out and go back inside somewhere because homies don't play that!)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This is a test

I'm pretty sure the universe is trying to see how much further it can push me before I break.  I thought I broke already but nope.  It just keeps on a raining poo.  I think I've just made a decision about taking a break in the Fall.  If I don't have something to look forward to, I'm going to seriously just shut down in every way.  Side note to self:  don't answer the phone...nothing good is rarely on the other end.  

The only solace I can take as I wade my way through the current swamp that is my life is that the old me would've friggin' attacked that bar of chocolate we use for trail mix, ordered a pizza, skipped our workout and called it a night.

Instead, I ate like a person not interested in saying "screw it, there's always tomorrow."

Breakfast was a light English muffin, natural peanut butter with 1 tbsp of apple jelly, 4 oz of low sodium cottage cheese, a small banana with 1/2 tbsp nutella and green tea.

Lunch was a tuna fish sandwich with spinach along with the usual freggies and iced tea.

Dinner was lemon pepper pasta with light alfredo sauce and 4 oz of shrimp and tea.

We had two leftover apples from last week so I peeled them and put them in two 6 oz ramekins I bought over the weekend for apple crisp, made an oatmeal crumble with 1 tbsp of light butter each and made that for a snack later.  It wasn't like a piece of apple pie (at least not the kind I like) but it was a comforting dessert without breaking the calorie bank.

Our workout was 300 calories burned with TRX.  It was our first strength in over a week so it whipped us pretty good.

These days, I'm taking whatever victories I can scrounge.

When life is a giant swirlie, do you stick with your routine or say "screw it, there's always tomorrow"?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Furniture on the move and two wheelin'

I am happy to report that I was able to sleep in on Saturday.  I did wake up right on cue at 7am but I forced myself to go back to sleep.  We had nowhere to be and I just wanted to see if given the opportunity my body would take me up on it, it did.

Not one of the best weekends on record and nothing I care to document for posterity.  Just hope the worst is behind me right now.  After dealing with a heinous woman who sold us our area rug, we decided to get some extra padding to go between the pad and rug because there was no cush.  It seems to be better and I think the rug is growing on us.  I also think once we have the couches delivered over the next week or two that it will help pull the look together.  We got the 2nd armoire into the house.  It's not ready to be decorated yet because the wax still has to cure but I've got the doors and knobs back on, plus a little extra somethin' and I'm going to go through the huge box that resides behind the door before I just shove it back in there.  I need to purge.

This week the table goes out in the garage, you know, when the weather is suppose to get humid and disgusting.  It must know I needed to stain.

Active recovery week was good and I'm ready to get back to it.  I tracked, I lowered calories a little to compensate for less intense workouts, ate more fish and tried to get in more water than normal.  Just have to keep it up and improve in my weak spots which oddly enough was PT.  Because our normal routine was thrown off, I didn't do my balance/strengthening exercises and no ankle massages.  Idiot.  The legs are paying the price so again, getting back to business so I don't feel 80 years old.

Actually, our first workout of the week was a different one for us.  Our city has bike rental stations throughout popular parks, very similar to Chicago's bike program.  I surprised the Mr with a rental after poo pooing it at another park on Thursday due to cost.  I picked a park that I was sure was going to be pretty dead because it borders a not so great side of town.  Coincidentally, it was right behind the high rise we worked at when I was 19 and he was 21.  We wondered why the hell we didn't go to this park all the time to eat lunch.  Idiots.  Anyhoo...this is where a good blogger would've remembered to bring a camera but then I remembered this...

It's been forever since either of us have been on a bike.  I'm talking that was the first time we ever rode them together and we've been together 22 years so...  I was quite wobbly at first but as the saying goes, it was just like riding a bike...because it know, riding a bike.  There were two empty parking lots by the park and we just rode in circles to reacquaint ourselves with the idea of being on them.  You only get a certain time limit before they start racking up additional charges so we kept it to the initial time and rode back to the docking station.  The good news is I won't need a hysterectomy.  Pretty sure I'm sterile.  The joys of being obese and tall is adjusting the seat so you can actually peddle and then have your upper half bear down on your pubic bone for an extended period of time.  Yay!   It's not something we can do all the time but it'll be nice for a change of pace and I'm thinking especially in the Fall when the bike path re-opens and the kids are back in school it will make for nicer surroundings for us to explore.  I'm just glad I didn't bite it because we don't have helmets, we rode old school and I suppose if this becomes a habit, we might invest in them.  Not a bad way to burn 740 calories.

For dinner, I rewarded our not slamming into the pavement with this:

Top sirloin with caramelized onion and pineapple chutney and bacon and Havarti cheese baked potato.  Yum!

So, that's about it.

Happy Monday to you all!

What did you do this weekend?

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Friday, July 18, 2014

I need sleep and what I'm reading this week

I'm so sad it's Friday.

Said no one ever.

I think I'm going to wear my sleep mask so I can try to sleep as long as possible.  This whole getting up at 7am on the weekend stuff stinks.  Why can't I sleep like I'm 16 and my mom had to come up, wake me and ask "you gonna sleep the day away?"  

Yes...I'm a teenager.  That's what I do did.

Enough mourning the sleeping patterns of my youth, let's get to...

What Is Gluten? Everything You Need to Know in 2 Minutes  (In case you cared)

Your $8.9 Million Chance To Live Like Meg Ryan  (Hand me the

10 Beaches That Will Make You Want To Plan A Trip To The Great Lakes Immediately  (Like I need more enticing to get to upper Michigan)

12 Things You Never Knew About Home Alone  (I'm getting a serious itch to watch again.  I'll wait until the Mr is at work)

30 Dumbbell Exercises Missing From Your Routine  (Get on it)

31 Easy DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look More Expensive  (I'm down with that!)

Pop Quiz: Can You Identify These ’90s Hits by Just Their First Second?  (I crushed it)

Colbie Caillat Goes Makeup-Free, Embraces Natural Beauty in "Try" Music Video  (Beautiful!)

My Fitness Band is Making Me Fat:  Users complain of weight gain with trackers  (Rut-roh!)

How Domino's Pizza Lost Its Mascot  (I guess they wanted to avoid the Noid as well)

Praise Be to the Jetway Jesus: Confessions of a Fed-Up Flight Attendant   (I've seen this too.  People just suck)

The 8 Essential Stretches to Open Up Tight Hips   (I'm doing this asap, come to the floor...join me!)

Should California Be Split Into Six States? Voters Will Get To Decide  (What say you Californians?)

Six Home-Buying Deal Breakers (and How to Troubleshoot Them)  (Good to know!)

Weird Al’s New Video Actually Turned "Blurred Lines" Into Something Worthwhile  (It's like Schoolhouse Rock for the whatever they hell they call this.  The 10's?)

The Ingredients You Should Have in Your Pantry for Quicker Cooking  (Interesting suggestions in the comments!)

Spying on Your Kids’ Phones, for Their Own Good  (This would be us.  Our kids we're not having would hate us so we're saving ourselves the headache of them buying burner phones to attempt to trick us)

Hot Cop Of Castro Speaks!  (Why couldn't they have sent this dude when we had to call 911 in San Francisco!?)

Wonder Years Alum Fred Savage Is Directing an Episode of The Goldbergs  (As if this show couldn't get any better)

Turns Out Ghost-Hunting Is WAY Less Glamorous In The Suburbs  (I cannot WAIT to see this!  I love Matthew Gray Gubler!  (Reid from Criminal Minds))

Watch One Woman Shatter All Expectations   (Get it, girl!)

One Size Doesn't Fit All: How to Find the Best Health and Fitness Routine for You  (Preach it yo!)

No real plans for the weekend.  It's supposed to be nice so I'd like to get out at some point to enjoy the weather for a little bit.  

Anything on tap for you guys?

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer scenery and girl crushes

This was supposed to be active recovery week, right?

We've been trading off between walks and yoga to stretch impossibly tight hammies and IT bands which has left us feeling like hobbly old people.  I keep telling myself it'll be worth it.  I do notice I slacked on my ankle massages though so I've got to get back to that.  

Yeesh, so many balls in the air with this stuff.

But, we've been enjoying some yummy meals...

...and enjoying the scenery of summah.

Echinacea, I think?

The local crew team practicing

Two chihuahuas being chauffeured via sports trike

Last night after yoga, we enjoyed an old guilty pleasure of mine...Weekend at Bernie's.  I had a big ol' girl crush on Catherine Mary Stewart.

How cute is she?  I remember wishing I looked like her back in the day.  She seemed like the quintessential girl next door.  She was also good as Maggie in another guilty pleasure of mine, The Last Starfighter.  I could not BELIEVE the Mr never saw it back in the day as it was right up his alley.  That one is coming up on the watch list soon as well.

What summer activities have you been enjoying?  Did you ever have a celeb girl crush?  (Man crush for the guys)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

100 Happy Days completed

Remember when I told you I was doing the 100 Happy Days project back in April?  Well, I actually completed it!  I know, you might be thinking "how hard is it to write down at least one thing that made you happy that day?"  But some days are just one poo log after another being thrown your way and you really have to search for the happiness.

Some things were with the Mr...

(Day 4)  4/8- Looking through 1980 Christmas Wish Book online listening to Christmas music with Mr

(Day 5)  4/9-  Singing the Muppets "Ain't Got No Room For Boring" song with Mr while making dinner.

(Day 10)  4/14-  Got card and flowers from Mr

(Day 46)  5/20- Surprising Mr with Godzilla, lunch at favorite restaurant and fro-yo for the last day of vacation.

(Day 82)  6/25- Got mushy with the Mr over our first love note

Some things were remodel related...

(Day 9)  4/13-  Ordered new couch/loveseat

(Day 60)  6/3- Starting the painting spree (the end result will make me happy)  We got far

(Day 61)  6/4- All walls painted!

(Day 66)  6/9- Bought flooring

(Day 71)  6/14- Floor and baseboards laid

(Day 76)  6/19- Started staining the side table

(Day 94)  7/7- Started on 2nd armoire

Some things were family oriented...

(Day 16)  4/20- Sidewalk chalk at Easter/stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's on the way home (haven't seen them in years)

(Day 50)  5/24- Grandma saying "WHAT!?" when we said we dropped $75 for lunch at Sutro's at Cliff House.  Shows she's still able to understand some situations.

(Day 52)  5/26- Cookout with mom

(Day 59)  6/2-  Talking with aunt on the patio

(Day 75)  6/18- When grandpa gave me a check, Grandma said "I'll take one!"/When she "danced"  to the cell ringtone

Some things were vacation/road trip highlights...

(Day 1)  4/5-  Favorite restaurants in Mr's hometown

(Day 30)  5/4- 18 year anniversary...17 Mile Drive/Mission Ranch dinner

(Day 32)  5/6-  Big Sur!/Seeing whales

(Day 35)  5/9- Brenda's pecan sauce French Toast!  HOLY SH*T!

(Day 38)  5/12- 12 MILE WALK OF THE CITY!  (Pac Heights to Ferry Bldg to Ghirardelli Sq to Pac Heights) 

(Day 40)  5/14- Sutro Bath ruins hike

(Day 41)  5/15- Lafayette Park

(Day 83)  6/26- Hooky day!  (Animals, picnic, antiquing)

(Day 99)  7/12- Indy with Chicago friends

Some things were mundane...

(Day 7)  4/11- Got address painted on curb

(Day 21)  4/25-  Got dishwasher parts FINALLY

(Day 48)  5/22- Getting flowers planted

(Day 92)  7/5-  Sitting for an hour between errands with no TV or noise on

Some things were reaching because the day wasn't so hot...

(Day 18)  4/22-  Migraine was finally gone

(Day 22)  4/26- Seriously crappy day but at least lunch was almost free with gift card

(Day 84)  6/27-  Early workout! 

(Day 85)  6/28-  Woke up which means I'm alive, so...there's that.

I'll admit there were times I was a few days behind so I really had to keep on top of it but ultimately I think it was a good thing to do.  It forces you to look at each day and find the happiness even if by normal standards you would say the day is a flusher.  

Each day above ground is a gift and we should all appreciate the things that make us happy whether it's something big like seeing Big Sur or a shining moment of clarity from your ailing grandma to the little things we take for granted like getting dishwasher parts and being blessed enough to afford them when needed to sitting in quiet without all the noise of the boob tube or even music.

I might just keep this up!  

Did you do the 100 Happy Days project?  Would you start now, if you didn't?

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweathogs, master class and Kacy inspires

Happy Tuesday all!

Yesterday I worked on touch up painting some parts of the armoire, painting some planks and freshening up some old picture frames that are now not matching with the new motif.  I still need to do some white washing, then gluing and then waxing the whole thing.  The weather is supposed to cooperate so I should be able to be in the garage without turning into a sweathog.


Now I want to watch Welcome Back, Kotter but it occurs to me I don't own it.  Okay, just added it to my wish list.

Does anyone else watch Oprah's Master Class?  Now I'm not an Oprah nut, matter of fact, she drives me a little crazy but I started recording it because she said Justin Timberlake was going to be on.  Well, I've yet to see Justin pop up but a handful of other celebs have been on and I must say, the Mr and I love the series.  The one last night was Vanessa Williams and she isn't someone I would've normally cared to watch one way or the other but after seeing Robin Roberts class, I learned to give any celeb a chance to "teach" us.  I always like to learn more about people than what media speculation serves up.  I think it's why we like CBS Sunday Morning too, you know...the one with the famous trumpet opening?

Yes, we're settling in to middle age quite nicely.

Did anyone catch American Ninja Warrior last night?  I'm about to spoil it so look away...


Kacy Catanzaro is going to the big show!  At 5' tall and 100 lbs, she beat so many dudes to get there and is the first woman to get this far!  She is so inspiring and my eyes welled up when she hit that button.  If you want to see her in the previous qualifier, watch here.

I must say my body is already thanking me for doing an active recovery week.  My IT band on my left side was starting to really stiffen up so we headed over to Do Yoga With and did the IT band video.  Oh my Lord, it hurt so bad at the beginning for both of us but by the end, I was feeling so much more loose and my IT band was happy.  I will definitely be putting that one in regular rotation, particularly after we do a walk on asphalt which seems to irritate my legs the most the following day.

We're supposed to have cooler temps over the next few days so I'm thinking a walk in the park is in order for tonight's workout.  I'm just a little relieved to be taking it easy this week.

What's your favorite throwback show?  What's your favorite show that teaches you something?  

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