Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wednesday recap

Howdy do all!

Yesterday was semi-productive.  All of the stuff I got out of the closets was strewn about and photographed so I can post it to my family and friends on my personal social media accounts.  Then I took the boxes and put them back into the clean closet in the boxes so it all seems somehow either full circle or futile.  I had a successful "freecycle" event doing that a few years ago and then donated the rest.  This time I'll tell people to tell me what they want, message me with a fair offer and go from there.  Then whatever is left, if it's not enough to warrant a garage sale, we'll donate.  I'm hoping we can get rid of some good stuff.  We just don't have the room for all of this stuff and things that were gifts or had sentimental attachment have had pictures taken so we can look at them in the future if we're feeling nostalgic.  I still need to go through a lot of the office but I got the closet cleaned out which was the main goal.  It just still looks like a bomb went off in there and we can't make new videos without peeking over a pile of crap.  We haven't even touched the basement which was supposed to be included but I don't know if I have it in me right now to dive head first into that.

The Mr had traffic snarls to and fro so he didn't get home until later.  I decided to wait for him since it was just Walk Away the Pounds.  It was pretty late when we got started.  On the upside, he doesn't have to travel again today like they originally were pushing for so that's good.  Dinner was fish tacos and brussels.

My shoulders were still pretty stiff and sore yesterday so despite perfect weather for paddling, I wasn't up for it.  I need to listen to my body and if it's already sore, piling it on will only make it worse.  We'll see if tonight works out or if I need to give my body more time to heal before going at it again.  I know we won't be going out this holiday weekend...everyone will be on the water and I don't have it in me to spend it dodging speedboat wakes from all angles.

Do you do garage sales, online offerings for friends or just donate it all when you go through the clutter?

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Work travel and movie day/night

Happy first day of July all!  How did that happen?

The Mr had to get up and at 'em (am I the only one who used to think it was up and Adam?) early this morning.  A work road trip where hopefully all of the pre-work he's done will serve him well and he can be home at the usual time.  They want to stay until all of the things are done and as long as no one lollygags, they're hoping to turn what was a two day trip (totally unnecessary) into a half day trip.  I'm hoping for the latter as I hate to workout alone.  It will definitely have to be Walk Away the Pounds or something with little to no arm movements.  We did an upper body workout last night with weights and I think I over-estimated how much better my shoulder was feeling.  So I iced it for an hour or so.

It was movie day so we rented a few and watched a few free ones.

While We're Young - Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts- Two words...trailer duped.  Three minutes in, I said "if this movie ends how I think it's going to end, I am going to throw our TV out the window."  It ended how I thought (infuriating to a woman who made the life choice we did- you'd have to see it to understand and I'm not giving it away) and now we need a new TV.  They totally could've gone an awesome way with it that was positive and how when you're starting to feel your age, that having friends in different age brackets both younger and older can bring you so much wisdom and inspiration.  But no, they went with a route that they thought would be more entertaining and all it ended up being was kind of insulting to both sets of age groups.  Not recommended.

Get Hard (Unrated) - Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart- Ferrell is accused of being a "mini Maddoff" and swindling people's retirement funds and is sentenced to 10 years in San Quentin.  He hires Hart to teach him how to survive in the clink.  If you want a curse laden comedy that is just plain silly and will make you laugh, this covers it.  Pretty decent special features on the unrated as well.  I suppose if you're someone who needs something to be offended over, you probably won't like it so there's that.

Rookie of the Year - Thomas Ian Nicholas, Gary Busey- I remember taking my cousins to see this back in 1993.  A kid breaks his arm, it heals up weird and he gets a super human pitching ability and recruited by the Chicago Cubs.  Such a cute movie and totally family friendly.

Obvious Child - Jenny Slate, Jake Lacy -  A quirky, non conforming rom com.  If you're a little on the prudey side or you can't handle the subject of terminating a pregnancy, skip it.  Jake Lacy as Max is friggin' adorable and the whole butter warming thing?  We totally do that because as he states, it's what you do.

In between movies, we had dinner which was chicken tacos and green beans.

I know red cabbage is a weird choice for taco toppings but isn't it pretty?

Do you ever have to travel for work?  Rented anything good lately?

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Always learning

When I went for my first kayak session on Kauai, I was given the quickest of lessons.  The dude showed me the back of the paddle and said "these are the spines of your don't see your own spine and you don't want to see the spine of your paddle."  If he said anything else more meaningful, I must not have heard it because of the gruesome images popping into my head.  I'm pretty sure though that it was just a haphazard demo of the paddles going into the water.  With that, he shoved me down the chute and I was off into the canal to the Hanalei.  I was so blissed out that I was actually within the weight limit to do it that I didn't care if I was doing it right or not.  When we went a few days later, he asked if we needed a lesson and I told him we rented there earlier in the week.  I should've said yes so I could glean more than the whole spine reference.  But the Mr and I plowed on and headed out.  (To see this adventure from the Mr's point of view, click here.)

This time was much more difficult because the trade winds really kicked up big time.  (They always seem to kick up the last two days of our time there.)  Well, I fought like hell against that current on the Hanalei and thought we'd get a nice break on the way back in.  I was wrong.  The winds shifted and we had it blowing at us going both ways.  Eff you mother nature!  Once the Mr was on the paddling bandwagon, I figured the most important lesson was not to see my paddle spines and I'd done it twice without incident so I was now a paddler.  After the third time taking my own out for what should've been a leisurely paddle with light winds at sunset, the next day left me so sore I could barely lift my arms.  I remember sitting here when finally reaching the bridge and while I enjoyed the sunset thinking I seriously didn't know how my arms were going to get me back to the boat launch about half a mile away.

"How the hell am I going to get back?  Maybe the Mr can tow me on his paddle board?"

I felt that surely there was an easier way than getting pissed off and digging into the water in a rage when I wanted to move at a decent pace.  I wanted the representation of what our paddles were like in pictures to actually be as peaceful as they looked.

So I headed over to YouTube to see what I was doing wrong, how to improve my experience and you know, not end up with a scathing case of tendinitis of the wrist or pop my shoulder out of socket.  I found this video and this video to be quite helpful.  Apparently the spine thing, while important, should've been the last thing I was told because he basically glazed over everything that was important.

If you don't have time to watch the videos, here are the things I am taking forward from them and a few forums run by instructors.

1) Make sure the whole blade goes into the water.  I had a habit of doing the same thing with paddle boarding and not fully getting the paddle under the water.  I know this sounds like a no brainer but sometimes when I was fully underwater with it, I felt like I was doing something wrong and I was which brings me to...

2)  Engage in full torso rotation.  Put the blade in the water close to the location of the ankles, turn as you pull back and lift the blade up just past the hips, not at the hips making sure to follow through like this on each stroke.  You should be paddling with your abs and obliques, not your shoulders.

3)  Posture should be straight up and down with the shoulders slightly ahead of the hips to stop the shoulders and upper back from becoming strained.  (Raising hand)

4)  No death grip on the paddle and relaxed shoulders.

Yeah...those seemed like important points to make for a first timer and would've been appreciated. So now I have to correct what I've been doing wrong.  I'm glad I thought to look up all of this stuff when my body was saying "look sistah, something ain't right here because you threatened to punch the Mr in the gullet if he mentioned kayaking again within 30 minutes of getting home."

I am a typically stubborn person (shocking, I know) but when it comes to taking on a new hobby/sport at my age, I don't want to do something that will potentially injure me.  I am looking forward to putting these techniques to work so I can improve and hopefully make this more enjoyable with less pain the following day.

When you don't know how to do something, do you turn to videos to help you learn a new activity, recipe, etc or just wing it and hope everything turns out okay?

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Scouting new places and a last minute calorie burner

I'm sitting here totally crapped out from my workout last night and I can't even recall what we did Saturday.  Let me ask the Mr.  We grabbed lunch and came back to the house.  The Mr wanted to go to look at a camera we're considering at Best Buy but of course they didn't have it in stock there.  I hate going there.  If they supposedly don't work off of commission then why do they feel like the equivalent of a car lot?  They stalk you at every turn.  LET ME LOOK AT MY LEISURE!

Then off to World Market.  They're having a pretty good sale on the Hawaiian stuff for the summer and if I hadn't already stocked up on the Hawaiian Sun juice, I would've bought more.  Then over to Trader Joe's and Target for groceries.  We had dinner and binge watched Celebrity Mole - Hawaii.  What can I say, I miss the place.  

Woke up Sunday and made a nice brunch of an omelet, homemade hash browns, bacon, toast and a side of fruit.  I knew we'd be skipping lunch so I wanted to fuel up.  When we were out, we stopped for a small cone at DQ and you never know what you'll see in your side view mirror...

We decided to scout out some places to launch the yak/board around town.  We came across this river.

But something tells me launching from this particular spot would be gross.

We had more grocery shopping to finish up so off to a store in the city where I like to buy my cage free/no antibiotic eggs for a decent price.  I'm amazed at how clear the whites are and how much more yellow the yolks are.  That wasn't all I picked up though.  I was seduced by apricot fig chicken sausage, $4.99 ground chicken breast meat, fresh made mozzarella and maple turkey lunch meat.  I'll be using those all very soon.  I saw a sale on my Andalou Naturals night cream I've been wanting so I snatched that, put it back, snatched it, put it back and the Mr grabbed it.  

Ooh!  New Sensation by INXS is on!  "Live baby live now that the day is oh-vah!"  Oops, sorry.

So when we were done, the Mr asked what I wanted to do for a workout and I said let's go paddling.  I'd checked the radar, no rain, it was 72 degrees and 6mph winds.  So he went to work on a new video while I got dinner together.  Afterward, it was time for a sunset paddle.

We were packing up the car at 9pm!

Now I can barely lift my arms 1535 calories later.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Post paddle weigh in

Welp, I'm down 4 lbs this week and the Mr is down 2 lbs.

We'll definitely take that.

I still have 4 more to go to get vacation weight off so I'm behind schedule as I wanted it off by this weigh in.  My body not cooperating the first two weeks we were back didn't help things.  But hopefully we'll be able to get in more paddle sessions for big burns.  We might go to the lake tomorrow to see if other yakers are out after today's big rain.  If so, then I'd say we might be good for a session or two this week after the Mr gets off work before the holiday weekend hits.  No way am I going out on a full lake!  I likes me privacy.  (<-- read in a British accent)

So, I have no idea what we're doing today.  The Mr is in the shower and I'll hop in after him and try to figure out what sounds good.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

La la la...I don't see you and what I'm reading this week

I'm a tuckered pup.  I'm still dealing with cleaning little by little upstairs.  I'm at the "worse before it gets better" stage AKA "where do I start?  How about nowhere and I shut the door and pretend it doesn't exist?"

But enough of my clutterdome, let's get to...

Ever Wondered What Myspace Tom Is Up To Now?  (Well he did quite well for himself)

Bea Arthur's House is For Sale For the First Time in 35 Years  (I'll take it!)

14 Easy Tricks That Will Revolutionize Your Next Barbecue  (I do a few of these mahself)

6 Classic HGTV Shows We Wish Would Stage a Comeback  (OMG, I watched them all but I really miss Gardening by the Yard.  That Paul James was so kooky!)

1980s Wedding Trends Are Making a Comeback  (When they bring back big hair, we're renewing our vows)

An Inside Look at the Barefoot Contessa's Barn  (I watch her every day...I swear we are Ina and Jeffrey sans the ridiculous amounts of money and fabulous home in the Hamptons)

20 Things You Never Knew About Boobs  (All hail the funbags)

Hypnotic Images of a Chinese Ghost Town Completely Taken Over by Vegetation

Time-Saving Household Cleaning Hacks  (Break out the cleaning supplies)

Family of 19-Year-Old Ignored By Doctors For ‘Googling’ Symptoms Get Apology For Her Death  (Courtesy of the Mr.  We know this first hand.  If my FIL's @sshole doctor wasn't so pompous and run the blood test I saw needed run when his relapse occurred, there was a 85% cure rate.  By the time he got around to running it, his platelets wouldn't allow treatment and all he got was an "oops, you were right."  He should've gotten his medical license pulled.  BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!)

Group protests firing of KHS employees  (I am so upset by this!  Brandy Varvel was the person who started the Kauai Humane Society field trip program and the pet transfer program.)

8 Signs Your House Is Just Waiting to Be Robbed  (Good tips to protect your home)

These Teens Just Invented A Condom That Changes Color If You Have An STD  (I can stop weeping for the future, good on these kids for using their brains for something useful!)

What To Do When Life Doesn't Go Your Way (It's Actually a Good Thing!)  (Food for thought)

Remembering for Grampa  (Put a fork in me, I'm done)

Taylor Swift vs. Tim Cook in a Cartoon  (Courtesy of the Mr)

These 18 YouTube Channels Are All You Need To Get In Shape  (You all know we can vouch for Fitness Blender)

Photographer snuck into abandoned amusement parks to capture their decay  (So sad)

Does Yoga Have Any Real Fitness Benefits?  (Good info)

Let's Quit It with the Introvert/Extrovert Nonsense (I've gotta say I agree.  I'm tired of people using their labels as excuses)

Why Does This Retirement Home Have a Preschool Inside?  (THIS!  In every single retirement home everywhere please!)

No real plans for the weekend since it's supposed to rain the whole time.

I'm noticing a sharp drop in pageviews for Fridays.  Let me know if this is something you still care to see or not or if everyone just drops off the Earth come Friday.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Things I'm Loving This Week

I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought I'd show you things I'm loving this week.

Sur La Table Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Skillet

My non stick skillet from them didn't last as long as I'd hoped and honestly, I want to get away from using Teflon anyway.  I use cooking spray regardless so why not lessen the crap leeching from the pan?  I got the 12" pan on sale for $65 (reg $109) and used it for the first time the other night to do a pan seared fish and it was nice and roomy.  There was a dulling that happened afterward but an overnight dose of Bar Keepers Friend and it was shiny like new.  I'm looking forward to creating a lot more stuff in this!

Free classes from Craftsy

A magazine was sharing freebie deals and I saw Craftsy was offering some free classes so I headed over there.  I forgot how much I love the idea of that site.  If you have ever wanted to take classes on anything from crafting to cooking to home decor to jewelry making, this site is for you!  The link above takes you to the freebie classes they're offering.  The Mr has been wanting to take a knife skills class forever and I was psyched to see this was one of the free classes!  We just finished it last night and have learned so much from it that I immediately put into use.  I even bought two new, better knives because mine are almost 20 years old and well...crap.  I'm looking forward to the pizza one as well.  Check it out!

Andalou Naturals

After perusing this website and freaking out about all of the chemicals in sunscreen and skin care, I vowed to try to go as natural as possible.  About the same time, I ran across a blogger that recommended Andalou that had great skin so I figured I'd see if my sensitive skin would be down with it or not.  So far so good.  It's not something I could afford to do in one fell swoop so I would look for sales at local health food stores and if they didn't have any, Amazon had the next best price.  I really love their Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Color + Correct Sheer Nude SPF 30 because not only does it give good SPF protection but it evens out my skin and the color stays on all day.  I'm still trying to find the right mix of stuff for what I want but next on my list is their night cream when my serum runs out.

Second go rounds

While our first time out may not have been recorded properly by the memory card that has now been destroyed, I wanted to right that wrong asap.  We went to another lake closer to the house as soon as the Mr got home from work.  It wasn't planned again so I gave him no choice in the matter.  Luckily we have proof!  There he is enjoying his time in the water.  The current was another bugger and I felt like I really fought it the whole time and the wind wasn't even bad.  Thankfully it was a little less sunny so I didn't look like a tomato even with sunscreen on like the day before.  He seemed to have a good time and even got some adoration from a dude who was drooling over his board upon dismount.  Something tells me we need to work for Tower with as much as we may get questions about them!  I think we're done for this week though.  My shoulders feel like they're going to fall off!  So only lower body stuff for the rest of the week.  It did give us an excuse to up dinner a bit and instead of just chili, I made the Mr's favorite from the islands...a chili rice bowl with a serving of brown rice in the bottom.  So ono and filling after 90 minutes on the water!

What are you loving this week?

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